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I've had an attempt at fixing the whole boolean comparison thing, so in code like

if func1() And func2() OR func3() then msgbox(0, "", "True")
msgbox(0, "", "Fin")

Func func1()
  msgbox(0, "", "Func1()")
  return 0

Func func2()
  msgbox(0, "", "Func2()")
  return 0

Func func3()
  msgbox(0, "", "Func3()")
  return 1

func2() would never be executed.

It seems to work OK, but it was very nasty and I'm sure I've not thought of something. The limitation (ish) is that it actually skips code when it needs to without checking what it is skipping, so there may be situations where a badly formatted expression is skipped without error. For example in the code above if func2() was written funcnsdhshkdsj() no error would be given as that part was never evaluated.

Edit: uploaded to /unstable/

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Nice :whistle: Now the following code, for example, does not crash with an index out-of-bounds error:

Dim $array[10]

$index = -1

If ($index >= 0) And ($array[$index] = "foo") Then sleep(10)

Of course the above could be rewritten with nested If statements....

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