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understanding compiled scripts

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while i was trying to understand exactly what happens when i run a compiled script, i found a great way to get more info on how to call api's . when running a simple script you might use progs like Filemon and Regmon but these don't help at all , so switching to others like w32dasm in order to dissasemble the source code and reveal the import functions does not help you understand the api's but simply listing them , and using progs like softice is more than complicated and will eventually confuse you, so try using a great utility called APISPY32 from http://www.internals.com/utilities_main.htm .

run it and choose to launch your compiled script , a new window will popup that allows you to choose extra dll files to monitor, you can ignore it but choosing too much modules might crash your pc, anyway when the compiled script runs a spy window displays many api function that are being called and how they are used . so try running another program (that has nothing todo with auoit) and start spying on the functions, it might help you to understand and to learn how other programs use those api and you will end up creating the same super CreateWindowsEX that your favourite program has plus alot more.

I hope that this might help, good luck

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