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Event logs and file date check

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Hello all, I'm new here!

Could someone help me out making a script that checks the event logs for fatal error messages(red), and does a certain action if such an event does show up(send an e-mail using a command line e-mail editor like blat)?

Question 2:

I have weekly backups divided into folders by week(ie D:\mon,D:\tue,D:\wed,etc), I need help with a script that checks the day of the week of the current day and according to the weekday goes into a specified folder and makes sure that the date of the files in that folder are the same as the current date.

Thanks a mil!


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Thanks for that, I'm reading it now.

In the meantime, im trying to write a script that compares the current date with the date of a backup file then sends me and error message if the two are different.




How do I get the values of these macros into an array or variable?

I've tried

@YEAR = $sysdate[0]

but I get an error.

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