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Label Auto-Resizing / FileFlushBuffer() ?

Guest Onichi

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Guest Onichi

I have a very neat GUI with a lot of grouping objects. Whenever I try to run GUIWrite($some_label, 0, "Blah") or GUISetControl($some_label, "Blah", -1, -1), in order to change a label's message, the size of the label changes greatly and cuts through the grouping objects destroying the GUI's look. I was wondering if there is some style I have to apply to prevent this, I tried the static size one with

Global $GUI_DOCKSIZE = 768;

GUISetControlEX($some_label, 0, $GUI_DOCKSIZE) but it still didnt work.

Also, is there anyway to get the full path of an object from the file handle? Since there isn't an inbuilt command like FileFlushBuffer($file_handle) I decided to create one myself like this :

Func FileFlushBuffer($old_file_handle, $file_path)


return FileOpen($file_path, 1);


So I could do something like this:

$file_handle = FileFlushBuffer($file_handle, $filepath);

Any other ways to do this that would only take the $file_handle parameter :ph34r:? Even though this method works fine, it would eliminate another variable from my program.

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