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How to automate adaware, detection impossible

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I'm trying to automate Ad-aware, but I found myself getting stuck on a very nasty problem. Ad-aware has some kind of a shell around him, and all I can monitor is ONE of his screens. And too bad it isn't the scanning-screen :ph34r:

They only way I can think of to monitor whether the program is still scanning or not, is by reading the 'used CPU power' , if that one is above about 15% or so. But that can't be done :( (at least, i don't know how).

Does someone have another idea on how to tell if Ad-aware is still scanning or not?

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Ignorlst and prefs.ini has the actual filedate after the check.

Hope this helps

Damn man... smart thinking...

It didn't help me, cause the file only gets updated when the program actually closes, and not when it's finished scanning.

But tnx to that idea, I did find out that, while scanning, a 'Cache' directory was temporarilly created.

So I did:

Until FileExists("Adaware6\\Cache\\.") == 0

And it actually works :ph34r:

(Just to be clear: with this you can detect when Ad-Aware is finished with scanning for adware, not when the program's closed or whatever other possibilities exist)

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