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Keep the window HIDDEN?

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Hi there!

I'm trying to create my first project, a bot that runs around Neopets (I don't play, but its all I can think of to start off with) visiting different parts of the site. This is what I have so far:

Run("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")
WinWaitActive("Welcome to Neopets!")
WinSetState("Welcome to Neopets!", "", @SW_Hide)
WinSetState("Explore the whole of Neopia!!!", "", @SW_SHOW)

I figured that the @SW_Hide would indefinately hide the window, but immediately after, when it starts Send("^o"), the window pops back up.

How do I keep the window hidden???

Also, how do I create functions that are not listed in the Functions Reference at http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions.htm?

I've noticed other people's scripts with functions not on this list, and functions which I want to use but cannot find.

Any other documentation?

Thank you in advance!

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For one thing, don't waste your time doing it that way, just use the IE udf's. they have everything you want. you can find more info in the help file under "User Defined Functions -> IE Management".

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For manipulating with Internet Explorer try using functions from IE.au3 standard library.

Look at _IE_Example()

Functions are described in local HelpFile of instaled AutoIt ("C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\autoit.chm"), there are also UDF functions User Defined Functions which are in Include directory of AutoIt instal directory ("C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\")

EDIT: theguy0000 was quicker

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