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I've got a script where I need the mouse to move, yet I keep running into one problem. I have to click the script, and run through it with me controlling the mouse, then next time I click the script it does it itself. Why doesn't it automate on the first try??? Can somebody please help me with this. I use AutoIt v.3

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AutoItSetOption ("TrayIconHide", 1)

MsgBox(52, "Welcome.", "Continue?")

If WinWaitActive("Welcome.", "Yes") Then


MouseClick ("left", 460, 431, 1, 25)


;WinWaitClose ("Welcome.", "Continue?")

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Well, is there a way to where I can interact with my own message box?  Are there anyways around this???

There is never a need to click on your own box. If you want the script to pause and wait for user input, use a message box. If not, then don't use one, because using one will wait for the user to click something. It's that simple.

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If you want the MsgBox to drop out after a little bit of time, use the msgbox timeout feature. See the Help file for more info in it.

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