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Make a icon turn gray

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I'm working on a update for the SciTe toolbar. I want to fix it so when a script is running, the icons that perform commands turn gray. You can get the idea when looking at the scite editor. Some of the default icons are gray unless you do something. I'm thinking SciTe is simply using 2 different icons, and changing it when something happens. In my case, I do not know what icon will be used. I was thinking a workaround would be to make the icon transparent, but I have no idea how. I see how to do that with a window, but not a control. Thoughts?

Edit: I can't make the entire gui transparent for some of the controls. For example; "stop executing" needs to be seen when a script is running. Also, that same control needs to be set to transparent when a script is NOT running. (Just like in the tools menu)

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