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chatclient not working properly

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The Creator

Hello everyone again,

I'm trying to configure a program to interface with a server I'm currently coding.

I'm visually impaired, so I'm not sure if the gui is broken or not, but here are my main problems:

I can't get all the text being sent through the connection, I only get about 5% of it.

Next, I can't tab around.

Last, and I'm not sure if this is linked to the first problem, but when I send text, I can't get any response on it.



;Written by Tyler Littlefield

;Copyright 2007 Tyler Littlefield

;All rights reserved


const $version="1.0b"


#include <file.au3>

#include <string.au3>

#include <inet.au3>

#include <constants.au3>

#include <ie.au3>

#include <misc.au3>

#include <process.au3>

#include <math.au3>

#include <guiconstants.au3>

GuiCreate("FTalk", 250, 250, -1, -1)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Input", 10, 5, 240, 20)

$input=GuiCtrlCreateEdit("", 5, 40, 240, 40)

GuiCtrlSetState($input, $GUI_FOCUS)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("history", 5, 90, 220, 20)

$history=GuiCtrlCreateEdit("", 5, 120, 220, 115, $ES_MULTILINE+$ES_READONLY)

GuiCtrlSetState($history, $GUI_ENABLE)

$status=GuiCtrlCreateLabel("", 5, 230, 240, 20)

$send=GuiCtrlCreateButton("send", 215, 90, 40, 25)

GUICtrlSetState($send, $GUI_DEFBUTTON)

GUICtrlSetResizing($input, $GUI_DOCKAUTO)

GuiCtrlSetResizing($history, $GUI_DOCKAUTO)

GuiCtrlSetResizing($send, $GUI_DOCKAUTO)

GuiCtrlSetResizing($status, $GUI_DOCKAUTO)

$historytext="This program was written and edited by Tyler Littlefield."&@crlf&"version: "&$version&"."&@crlf&"Copyright "&@year&", Tyler Littlefield."&@crlf&"All rights reserved."&@crlf&@crlf

GuiCtrlSetData($history, $historytext)





while 1


if ($connected == 1) then

$text=TCPRecv($connection, 1000000)

if (stringlen($text) > 0) then


GuiCtrlSetData($history, $historytext)




case $msg=$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE


case $msg=$send

if $connected == 1 then

if (stringlen(GuiCtrlRead($input)) > 0) then

MsgBox(0, "", GuiCtrlRead($input))

TCPSend($connection, GUICtrlRead($input))





func connect()

GuiCtrlSetData($status, "Connecting.")

global $connection=TCPConnect(TCPNameToIP("stockton.dyndns.org"), 7777)

global $connected=1


$status=GuiCtrlSetData($status, "Connected-ready")


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