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ControlID vs MouseClick

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I'm a first time user, and I've really been impressed with this software. I've been digging through the examples and documents have have a script up and running in just few hours.

With that said, I'm looking for a better way to get my script working.

I've written a script to automatically run a speed test to my IPS's myspeed server. My script launches IE and it once the site is up, I use MouseClick to press the "Start the Test" button, and then a few more clicks to capture the results.

The Active Window Info tells me that the button that I'm MouseClick ing on is ControlID 1 ClassNameNN: Button1 Text Click to Start MySpeed.

How can I get AutoIT to directly "press" this button instead of using mouse click. If my IE window ever opens in a different location than it is now, the script would fail.

Since my IE's position is vital to many of the button presses that follow, is there a way to open IE in the same location with the dimensions everytime? If I can't open the IE window into the same position, are there AutoIE commands that I can use to resize and reposition the window at the beginning of my script? Never mind, I found the WinMove command. :">

Thank you for your time.


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ControlClick looks like the answer, but its not activating.

Here is the portion of the code.

; Click on Start Speed test button
ControlClick("MySpeed Broadband Speed Test - Microsoft Internet Explorer","Click to start MySpeed",1,"left",2)

The Title and the Text are cut'n paste from the Active Window Info. So I would think they are matched up.

If I uncomment the MouseClick line below, then that will work.


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It didn't work. This is a java app if that has anything to do with it. I had tried it with the "text" portion set to "". But I cut and pasted your line in and the behavior was still the same.

Thanks for the help though.

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