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Quick question about Sleep

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I also have used it with a multiplier to compensate for slower machines

For instance througout the prog I might need different Sleep times:

Instance A: Sleep(1000) 1 sec

Instance B: Sleep(2000) 2 sec

Instance C: Sleep(3000) 3 sec

If I want a user to be able to select his machine speed and it propagate throughout the program differently in different places, but yet proportionally I do this:

$M = 'Get this from the user-- ie: InputBox (Maybe store it in registry for later) maybe give a choice of 1 to 10, 10 being slowest


Instance A: Sleep(1000 * $M)

Instance B: Sleep(2000 * $M)

Instance C: Sleep(3000 * $M)

Now If $M = 4 Then

Instance A: Sleep(1000 * $M) is 4 sec

Instance B: Sleep(2000 * $M) is 8 sec

Instance C: Sleep(3000 * $M) is 12 sec

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