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How do I parse lines of Content.IE5\index.dat?


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I am writing a program that is dependent on the URLs that are stored in Content.IE5\index.dat.

However I am having issue reading this file.

This is the code thus far:


for $var = 1 to 200
    $line = filereadline("C:\Documents and Settings\"&@UserName&"\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat",$var)

When I read the variable $line, I dont get the entire line, but rather just the first few words. It seems as though certain characters are hidden from being read.

because of this I can't extract any URLs--

Any ideas on how to parse this?

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For those of you that need to know how, you can't read the file in its current location (for whatever reason)

so in order to read index.dat line by line, you should copy it to another location.

Hope this helps someone.

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