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What is the limitation of 'GuiSetControl'?

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Check this ugly script

global $x=0

GuiCreate ("",730,450)
while 1
myfunc ()

Func myfunc ()
    mygui ()
    sleep (500)      

Func mygui ()
    GuiSetControl ("label", "Current iteration is " & $x, 10,30,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,60,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,70,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,80,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,90,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,100,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,110,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,120,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,130,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,140,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,150,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,160,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,170,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,180,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,190,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,200,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,210,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,220,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,230,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,240,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,250,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,260,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,270,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,280,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,290,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,300,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,310,700,20)
    GuiSetControl ("label", "abcd", 10,320,700,20)
    GuiShow ()

Currently, the GUI stops refreshing at iteration #18.

What is the exact limitation? :ph34r:


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You have a serious error in your logic going on there. You are creating a new control every time. You need to store the control references, then use GuiWrite() to change what the controls display.

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