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I'm looking for a good all-around editor that can be used for HTML, PHP, C++ and offcourse AutoIt coding.

It should'n be too expensive.

I've had alook at a few already, like EditPlus, UltraEdit, which seems to be the most used editors.

Hopefully I can get help on deciding which editor to buy. Would be great if the editor was free too :whistle:

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I prefer UltraEdit, especially due to the FTP and "show file in default browser." This allows me to quickly place it up on the web to view, or to say run autoit scripts while I am still viewing them in the editor.

The others to consider would be Textpad (popular as well), and the very popular and free Crimson Editor.

All of these also support "Regular Expressions" which come in real handy (but have a bit of a learning curve.)

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I am using Crimsom editor http://www.crimsoneditor.com/ for autoit scripting.

Its a freeware editor and does syntax highlighting, running/compiling directy from the editor and also opening Help tru F1 on the selected keyword/function.

You can find the install instructions and syntax files at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AutoItList/f...s%20%26%20Info/


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I have had a look at Crimson Editor but I don't like it much.

TextPad look nice but I haven't tried it yet.

My two favorites are now in this order:

  • Edit+
  • UltraEdit
The reason I place Edit+ at the top is that it starts up alot faster than UltraEdit. I like to associate all other text releated files to my default editor and I like it when the editor starts up fast B)

A friend of mine has his own editor caleld Source Edit which is really good and is packed with features but it's written in VB :whistle: and it takes forever to load up.

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TextPad has a few shortcomings that can be overcome with the aid of AutoIt scripts

Another one is http://www.editpadpro.com/ (There is a free version "EditPadLite" that can be run from a floppy disk.)

If I weren't used to TextPad, I'd probably use Crimson.

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