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How to ControlClick() a Hidden Button

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So I've got this button that changes properties, e.g. START, STOP, and EXIT. Using the AutoIT ACtive Window Info tool:

- The ClassNameNN: never changes and it never matches the text on the control or the visible windows text

- The Text of the control reported by the tool never changes

- The Windows Title doesn't change either

I'm using this, ControlClick( "<windows title>", "", 1175), but it is not working.

Any ideas how to click this button? Also, what is going on with (Control is hidden) ?

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 666 Y: 603 W: 75 H: 23

Control ID: 1175

ClassNameNN: Static8

Text: Denied

Style: 0x40020000

ExStyle: 0x00000004

(Control is hidden)

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It could be disabled.

Try using ControlEnable to enable it before clicking.

And maybe ControlShow too.

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I've tried a few more things and still nothing works.

It appears to me that the button is over-drawn "text: Denied" and I'm thinking that the control parameters are based on the background and not the foreground.

So my new question is..."how do you determine if a control is over-drawn and if so, how do you click it?

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