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_SendDown UDF

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1) I wrote the following UDF to send keys for a set time, however constantly changing the settings doesn't seems very efficient. Is there a better way to do this?


Func _SendDown($key, $len)

AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDownDelay" , $len)


AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDownDelay" , 5);def. value


2) Is there a way to run multiple sequence structures within a single application without calling other exe? I would also like to be able to toggle these extra sequences from hotkeys set in main code.

ei: When running a normal script, a user presses F12. Hotkey F12 would be set to mouseclick every 100ms (loop) and while this was running keep running the normal script. When the user pressed F12 again it stops the mouseclick loop and the normal script is not affected. I hope this makes sense.


P.S. First Post!

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