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Extract data from website to a database

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I've searched the forums and example scripts but haven't run across anything quite like I need to accomplish... Here's the plan: I have a website for a game in which each member has a profile page that lists various details (in text) such as amount of message board posts, days old, donations, etc... that I need to somehow extract and insert into a database for easy viewing and analysis. Here's an example:

Game Stats:

Age: 291 days

Birthday: March 25th

Visits: 2,588 (8.89 visits/day)

Karma: 146

Community Score: Trusted community member

Karma Mindset: 77% of karma given out is positive.

Subscriber with 220 subscription days left.

Message Board Stats:

MB Posts: 333 (1.14 posts/day)

Guild Board Posts: 111 (4.62 posts/day)

Guild Information:

Guild Member For: 0 years, 24 days.

Credits Donated To Guild: 181,070,247 credits.

Bytes Donated To Guild: 0 bytes.

Marks Donated To Guild: 0 marks.

Tokens Donated To Guild: 0 tokens.

Nightly credit donation: 1,000,000 credits.

Guild Donation Log:

Ore: 0

Fresh Fish: 0

Clearing Items: 0

Healing Herbs: 0

Weapons/Armor: 0

Other Items: 100

These numbers represent the theoretical

value of the items, better items add more.

Some low items don't count at all.

Guild Taxes:

Credits taxed from battle: 0 credits

EXP taxed from battle: 24,130,210 exp

Guild Activity:

Guild Board Posts: 111 (4.62 posts/day)

Posts Today: 9

So what I need to do is make a script that will extract, say, the "Credits taxed from battle" and "Guild Board Posts" fields from numerous users and input the data into a database (preferably Access). I'm new to AutoIt but have previously used iOpus iMacros, so I'm not utterly helpless I suppose. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm trying to do something very similar, and using the Beta version have got something using the _IEBodyReadText function. But its a bit unstable. Try searching for lyric programs. Someone on here wrote a great program which extracts lyrics from a website and displays them, the functions used in that would be similar to what you need for your database I imagine.


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