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AutoIt Smith's Scripts


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These are the only things worth noting. They are also in my fileman but were outdated.

I took them all, updated them for 3.2 and new coding standards, tidied them all, compiled them all, and packaged.

It's 11mbs but there is a tremendous amount of info in here if you are truly starting out.

This link is on my project site :


Enjoy, I know not many will like or use it but it's there for those who need.

AutoIt Smith

P.S. I Don't know when the upload will finish so try waiting a good hour until after this post to try downloading it.

(DOES NOT INLCUDE : AutoIt ITS, Irrelevant Examples)

Edited by AutoIt Smith
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Thanks for what looks very interesting.

But while I can get to http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/AutoIt%20Smith/, the file is not there :)

ditto, can't download the file. Would be interested in it though!

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