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The problem I'm having is that there are about 25 text fields in the child window for the form we use, and all of them have the same Control ID and same ClassNameNN.

Control ID: 32768

ClassNameNN: RichEdit20A1

And the fun really starts when the window handle changes on me. If I click on the text field I want to work with and display the window handle of the one with focus (using ControlGetHandle) in a msgbox I get: 0x00AD04CA

If I then click on another text field and get the window handle, I get: 0x00AE04CA

Then click back on the original text field and get it's window handle again, but now it's: 0x00AF04CA.

The child window with the form is split into two parts, and I frequently need to adjust the size, so I can't locate the text field I want based on x,y coordinates. Since the control id and ClassNameNN are all the same, and the window handle constantly changes, I have no way to target the text field I want.

Does that make any sense? Is this a common problem? or just a few rare nutty apps that don't like to work with Autoit? Or is there some solution I haven't stumbled on yet?

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If the handle changes then it means that the control is being deleted and recreated every time.

Avoid using handles, or get the new handle everytime you're about to do something with the control.

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