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Any way to go back to the starting point of a loop anytime I want?


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My script is used to interface with the GUI of an application, it looks like:

while not $done







and an "AdlibEnable("_msgBox")" to handle the interrupts

each routine will contain codes to generate some mouse and keyboard events to work with a certain part of an application.

I need a way to restart to routine1 when an interrupt occurs. so suppose the script is in the middle of routine3 and trying to click on a textbox and send a text string, the application just crashes. my _msgbox() will handle that and restart the application, then exit, thus routine3 will continue to run, which is not what I wanted, I don't need any mouseclick or send strings that remains in routine3 anymore; I need the script to go back to routine1.

I am looking for something like this:

func _msgBox()

restart the application

goto start of routine1


any help and suggestions will be much appreciated. thanks

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Same counts for you: Don't start a new topic on the same subject .... stick with your original thread .

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