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How to get window associated with a process?


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Is it possible to determine what window(s) are associated with a given process? Here's my situation - I have a process that kicks off whose title is randomized (don't ask why - it aint my code). The one thing I do have is its PID since the process name doesn't change of course.

EDIT: forgot to mention its basically a console application so there aren't any specific controls that i could look for by enumerating all the windows.

I'd love to be able to hide this sucker when it pops up.

Any ideas?


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Hmm, thanks for the suggestion but not what I'm looking for, though I do hope to use that function :)

The problem is that I don't have a handle to the window in question and cannot do a simple text search to find it. All I have is the PID of the running process.

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So, are you trying to find a way to identify what windows are using a certain process?

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