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Replacing txt in files

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i am using the following script which replaces the text inside a file. It works fine so far. However i would like that i don't have to insert the full path. Idealy i would just make a .exe and run it directly in the path where the file is in which i have the text. Is there any way ?

Another problem: I have to use line breaks in the replace text like

text1 = a + b + c;

text2 = c*b;

Thanks in advance !

Here is my code, based on the AutoIT help:

#include <File.au3>

$find = "//End of settings"

$replace = "AFTER + \n test for /n break"

$filename = "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Thomas\Eigene Dateien\autoit tests\test.txt"

$retval = _ReplaceStringInFile($filename,$find,$replace)

if $retval = -1 then

msgbox(0, "ERROR", "The pattern could not be replaced in file: " & $filename & " Error: " & @error)




$msg = FileRead($filename, 1000)

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You can use FileGetLongName. For example: FileGetLongName("test.txt") returns it's full path (including C:\Documents...).

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important for me is even the line break.

Can i define anywhere that it should only replace any exact defined text like "TestText_1" but not "TestText_2" ?

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