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Select and case statements

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Case $MSG = $CMD_PAUSE OR $MSG = "cmdPause"


Some languages allow more than one argument on the case statement. From the help file it does't look like autoit does, but ya never know :ph34r:

I am getting odd behaivor from my tests so I am thinking the "OR" is not going to work.

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Hmm my case responds correctly wether I do $msg = "string or $msg == "string"

What I was trying to do there is :

Case $msg = $var OR $msg = "string"

See there are buttons in the main gui that are the same as the child, the child is an always on top "quick bar" so the two sets of buttons execute the same code. I just don't want to have to make 2 case statements for each set. I was hoping I could have one case cover both types of input, from the $button event in the main app or the text message sent via AutoItWinSetTitle.

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You know... it would of been a hell of a lot quicker to just test this instead of ask it.

To be fair, he did say he'd read the helpfile and was getting strange results when testing it. :ph34r:
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I know I am asking some stupid questions, I try not to. I do search the help file and the forums prior to every question. I'm new but I am going to be around for long time I expect, give a newb a break :ph34r:

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