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I want to develop a program to mange many TXT files

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AutoIt is interesting, now I want to develop a program to mange many TXT files,.I download hundreds of thousands of files from Internet and transfer them into TXT files, the average size of one file is only about several KB, so the total size of so many files is not big, but how to manage them is a problem, even if I have good search&find software.

I try to joint these files into some big-size files (like the size of one file is as big as 5MB, so it is easy to load thousands of files to RAM in short time), with the use a good AutoIt program, I can quickly search the content I am interested in and open the content as if I open the single file before it is joint together. I find when there are too many files in a folder, although their total size is not big, the time to search is too long. This is reason I try to develop such program. I am rather new to AutoIt, so I may be slow to begin the task, If someone is interested in this topic, I am glad to work together.


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Are you wanting to search for phrase content within the directory of files, or just find a specific file itself?

I posted this today to find a phrase within a directory of files:


And _FileListToArrayEx() can do a recursive search of files and return them in an array fairly quickly:


The FileInstall Directory in the listing above for _FileListToArrayEx() gives an example of how I use it.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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