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How to use Treeview checkboxs.

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I am creating a script to simplify user creation in windows active directory 2003 using DSADD tool.

This is for the Helpdesk as we have many HD support staff and even with documenation they are not consistent in creation.

Using the dsadd tool I have created a script that only requires certain fields abd if thye dont fill out or fill them out wrong it wont create the user.

With this info I can populate the rest of the users AD user settings.

The one thing I am stuck on is populating the groups the user is a member of in Active direcotry.

I thought using the CHeckbox treeview would be a good Idea. But I have no idea how to use it correctly, I have looked at examples and am still a bit lost.

I would see that I would list the group names and if a check is placed in the box that group would be added to the users Active directory properties using the "DSADD -memberog <group names>" option.

Could some one help me with this .



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