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Fast copy the text content and save it to a new file

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The program can help you copy the web pages text content fast, neednot open and save the file manually.


;; this program is for copying the text and save it as a TXT file.
;;there are some webpages that can be copied by Ctrl+LeftMouse clikc to get the
;;selected window text, so just use Ctrl+left mouse click this program copy the text to the specified folder
;;in order to copy the file text, you should first press ctrl and click left mouse button, then release the Ctrl key,
;; the program will quickly copy the whole page file txt to the specified folder as TXT file.
;; if you just want to copy the selected window txt, please delete Send("^a"), the nthe program
;; will just copy the txxt inside the window you select with the Ctrl and left mouse button.
#include <Misc.au3>
$ChildDir=InputBox("New Folder","Input The Name of New Folder that you want the new TXT files will be located in:")
While 1
    If 100<$i<=1000 Then $FileName=$FileLocation&"0"&String($i)&".txt"
    If 10<$i<=100 Then $FileName=$FileLocation&"00"&String($i)&".txt"
    If 0<=$i<10 Then $FileName=$FileLocation&"000"&String($i)&".txt"
if _IsPressed(11) And _IsPressed(01) Then
    While _IsPressed(11)
    FileWrite($file, $TextFromExplorer)
    If $IfTheFileGood==1 Then $i=$i+1

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