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Steven Meier

Help with this nUDF

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I am having issues with is udf.

1) What is the "information Store" vlaue....now I work with exchnage 2003 and am unsure what this is referring to in ealrier versions it was private and public

2) and there is an error on this line "$objRecordSet = $ObjConnection.Execute ($strQuery) ; Retrieve the FQDN for the group, if it exists


it points to the "n.e" in the $ObjConnection.Execute


for the help

; UserCreateMailbox

; $user - User to add mailbox to

; $mdbstore - Mailbox storename

; $store - Information store

; $server - Email server

; $admingroup - Administrative group in Exchange

; $domain - Domain name

Func UserCreateMailbox($user, $mdbstore, $store, $server, $admingroup, $domain)

If ObjectExists($user) = 0 Then Return 0

Dim $objConnection, $objRootDSE

$objConnection = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection") ; Create COM object to AD

$objConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"

$objConnection.Open ("Active Directory Provider") ; Open connection to AD

$objRootDSE = ObjGet("LDAP://RootDSE")

Global $strDNSDomain = $objRootDSE.Get ("defaultNamingContext") ; Retrieve the current AD domain name

$strQuery = "<LDAP://" & $strDNSDomain & ">;(sAMAccountName=" & $user & ");ADsPath;subtree"

$objRecordSet = $ObjConnection.Execute ($strQuery) ; Retrieve the FQDN for the group, if it exists

$ldap_entry = $objRecordSet.fields (0).value

$oUser = ObjGet($ldap_entry) ; Retrieve the COM Object for the object

If $oUser.HomeMDB <> "" Then Return 0

$mailboxpath = "LDAP://CN="

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & $mdbstore

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & ",CN="

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & $store

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & ",CN=InformationStore"

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & ",CN="

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & $server

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & ",CN=Servers,CN="

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & $admingroup

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & ",CN=Administrative Groups,CN=State Street,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,"

$mailboxpath = $mailboxpath & $domain

$oUser.CreateMailbox ($mailboxpath)


Return 1

EndFunc ;==>UserCreateMailbox

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