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Help on Using AutoIT with Perl


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I am using AutoIt3 functions with Perl, I have registered AutoITX3.dll using

regsvr32 [full path of dll file]

I do the following in my perl script

use Win32::OLE;

my $Au3 = Win32::OLE->new("AutoItX3.Control");

then using the $Au3 object I call the functions

I am having a problem while using ControlListView function

I get the results from only the GetText option, other options donot work

e.g. check the following line of code, it does not work

$Au3->WinActivate("Add Managed Systems Wizard");

$Au3->ControlListView("Add Managed Systems Wizard", "", "SysListView322", "SelectAll");

I have another question... will my automation code of AutoIt work on 64bit machine?



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Thanks for the Reply,

Have you worked with the SysTreeView Control,

I have a SysTreeView Control where keyboard doesnot work e.g. if I want to right click on particular node in the tree I cannot sed {SHIFTDOWN}{F10}{SHIFTUP} which will generaly produce a right click on the selected control.

The code for the SysTreeView is such that it is not taking any keyborad inputs, do you know any workaround via AutoIT.

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