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Problem accessing SysTreeView

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I am having problem accessing SysTreeView Control... the tree control is coded not to take any keyborad inputs, I need to execute a right click on the nodes in the tree, I am not able to do so, Send({SHIFTDOWN}{F10}{SHIFTUP}) donot work... it gives the menu of the container in which tree is displayed, Is there any way via AutoIT? Is there any way to get the X,Y coordinates of the node text?

I am using AutoIT via Perl by doing

use Win32::OLE;

my $Au3 = Win32::OLE->new("AutoItX3.Control");

and then access all function with $Au3 object.

In the SysListView i.e in function ControlListView, all the command options do not work only GetText works, any help?



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