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Need to make an image hosting macro...

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Basically my dad is really slow @ computers and he needs to host many images at a picture host. For him it takes like 10 minutes to browse for the location of his picture, then to upload it and then to get the direct link to his image. I wanted to make an autoit script that does something like this:

A popup box comes up and asks him to locate ("Browse..") the image on his computer.

After he presses "ok" it would automatically access a free image host (Dont know which one is the best...Imageshack?) upload his picture(That he browsed for) to the host, then copy the direct link to his clip board. Oh and preferably all of this is done hidden in the background.

I dont really know how to go about this, any help would greatly be appreacted! Thanks guys.

I guess an important question to me is how do you click on a button with the following string written on it "Host it!"

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