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Cant click button

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Hi there

Im using the following script:

ControlSend("Login", "", "Edit1", "")
    ControlSend("Login", "", "Edit1", "username")
    ControlSetText("Login", "", 257, "")
    ControlSend("Login", "", "Edit2", "password")
    ControlFocus("Login", "", "FTCSkinButton1")
    ControlClick("Login", "", 1)

ClassNameNN = FTCSkinButton1

ControlID = 1

The button gets focus, and i can see it get clicked (it depreciates for a split second) but nothing happens, like its not even registering the click. It almost seems like the button is being clicked too quickly for it to register. Can I slow down the click speed?

Any Ideas?

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    ControlFocus("Login", "Login", 1)
    ControlClick("Login", "Login", 1)

I did this, and while it was sleeping i moved the mouse button over the button and the click event goes through. Basically it looks like the mouse has to be over the button in order for it to be clicked, however i can find any command that moves the cursor to a control.

Please help this newB

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Seems like the UI has some quarky code that needs the mouse over the control... weird... but you can ControlGetPos() and move the mouse over the control with MouseMove/Opt/MouseCoordMode.


Sweet, that works. Didnt know about Opt('MouseCoordMode', 2)

Thanks for your help

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