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WinWait under condition ProcessExists

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My script is as follows:

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)
While ProcessExists("opera.exe")
WinWait("Fout in het script voor Internet Explorer")
WinClose("Fout in het script voor Internet Explorer")

Problem is: I want it to wait for a error dialog, but when the process opera.exe is terminated, I want the script to stop too. I can simply delete the WinWait, but that results in a permanent 90% CPU usage. I tried other things, like IfElse etc., but without WinWait, the script uses much to much CPU.

Is there a solution for this? Like, 'wait for this window, under the condition that opera.exe still exists' or 'wait for this window to exists, and for this window to close'.

Thanks in advance.

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