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one last problem

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hi again

i hope this is my last problem for today ( is not so cool to be a newbie)

i must move a folder

the problem

$source = 'F:\docs\allweek'

$dest = 'F:\dbs\2006'

DirMove ($source, $dest, 1)

directory "allweek" have some subfolders and files into it ( ex : thu, sun, mon, etc)

the problem is that i need when i move the folder "allweek" into "2006" to move only the folders that are in "allweek".

right now when i move , it move all folder "allweek"

so i have f:\dbs\2006\allweek\mon

but i must have something like:


any ideas?

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Not sure at all what your asking... maybe try this:

$dest = 'F:\dbs\2006\'

more simple:

with my script right now after the folders move:


my needs:


so i whant to move what is in the folder allweek (including subfolders) not the whole "allweek " folder

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