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Choosing where to go in the code

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Yes, Falc0 needs help once again :ph34r:

Anyways, what I am trying to do is make it so if they put a certain number in, in the .ini file such as, 1, it will go to a certain part in the code or if they choose 2 start the script in another part in the code.

I don't even know if it this is possible using AutoIt but I figured I'd ask because I didn't know what to search for in the help file.


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$n = IniRead("c:\myinifile.ini","General","Put your number here","1")

Case $n = 1
  ;Do what you want with 1
Case $n = 2
  ;Do what you want with 2
Case $n = 3
  ;Do what you want with 3
Case Else
  ;Do what you want in other cases

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