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help with grind macro for 9Dragons


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Hey this is my first macro and it's not workin.... big surprise I know. Anyways, I'm trying to make a macro that will send keystrokes in-game so i can grind blah blah you know. I want it to press "9" 45 times and then press "p" with a delay of 4 mins following then repeat the procedure. The game I'm trying to do this for is 9Dragons, the American version. Here's the macro:


WinActivate ("9Dragons")

WinWaitActive ("9Dragons")

While 1


Sleep (3500)


While 1


Sleep (300000)



Iknow it's prolly retarded script but if u guys could try it out and see if it would work anyway that be great. If it's just a bad script, perhaps send me some pointers or redirect me to a tutorial. Thanx for the help that u give.

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yes game guard will block autoit and most if not all other macro programs... you will have to find a way to disable gameguard....

How about changing header values in the compiled exe? I know there was a script on here that would do that as a quasi anti-decompile method. Of course you could damage the exe so it won't run at all, but if that happens, just throw it away, recompile and try again. I looked at it once, but it was greek to me.

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