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small problem

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hi codemasters!

so i have a little question

i make a script..

in this script i run a command like

run ("c:\program files\office\word.exe")

after this command i run another one like

run ("c:\c:\program files\office\exel.exe")

all i whant is that the second command wait for the first one to end before start

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1. Your "c:\c:\program files\office\exel.exe" doesn't look right in the 2nd "run" scenerio.

2. Use RunWait().

thanks for the answer

sorry for the mistake ""c:\c:\program files"

lets supose that the 1`st program that i run it take aprox 20 sec to load. can i make a window (gui) with a message "please wait " and after the run program completed that window dissapear?

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