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I have the following hurdle:

my script should proceed when the statusbar of my IE contains READY!

I don't have problems with IF THEN theory, my problem is the comparison.

In other words, I don't know how to implement -->

If $var = READY Then (READY is the text in the statusbar)

I hope you know what's my problem bcs my English is not the best.

regards and thx for your support ...


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You have 2 problems:

  • You don't save the status bar text
  • You don't test it against a string (there is no string in your example code)
Use StatusbarGetText to store the text to a variable, and wrap the message you want to test around quotes like you would for strings.

[Edit] If you don't need the status bar text later on in your script, you don't even need a variable:

If StatusbarGetText() = "my status bar text" Then do_something()
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Thanks for your fast support, both methods of resolutions where very useful.

My problems are solved so far ... ;-)

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)



If $var == "Ready" Then

MsgBox(0, "Nfo", "It works!", 5)


That's not the aim of my script ... only an example.

rgds umek

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