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Steven Meier

How do I make this work

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The below code is for creating using ADSI a mail box for an active directory user.

How do I get the below Call to work in autoit so it creates the mailbox.

I have all the names and settings already delcared, But I have been trying to figure out how ADSI/VBS code actually does this.

I am not sure if I have to do anything before this line to make it work (like talking or connecting to Active directory)

So any help is much appreciated.

I have plodded along and got my Autoit user creation script working for Active directory and have got all the settings for EMAIL but I dont have the skill to create the mailbox for the user, I dont understand the ADSI or VBS code snippets I have seen.



objMailbox.CreateMailbox "LDAP://CN=" & MDBName .

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Why did you not add some hint about what you wanted in the topic title and subtitle? By not doing that you have excluded yourself from answers by people knowing this because they don't care to take a look. They are just like you. They don't read every post. adding parantheses would probably help. Creating the object to. Why all the space in the codebox?

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