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Print Queue Page Counter

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Hi All,

I am in charge of a small network of public use PC's at a library. I need to write a small app that runs in the background and pops up a message when the user prints informing them of the number of pages they are printing, and the cost of the job, based on a preset amount (10 cents).

For example, Joe Smith sits down at a PC and when he prints 4 copies of a 2 page doc, the following message would appear:

"The job you are printing is 8 pages long and would normally cost you $0.80 at the local copy shop. Are you sure you wish to print?"

Basically, the goal here is not to charge people, but to just make them a bit more mindful of how much paper they're using. I can handle the easy stuff, like the math and messages, but how do I go about getting the print job info, and stopping the print process until the user clicks "OK". Does this have to be done through a COM object or something? Even just a nudge in the right direction would be wonderful!

Thank You!

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