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Users on a Server - Log in and out

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I am trying to find a way to find out when someone logs onto a server in real-time

while I am in the server working. This is what I have so far. It works and tells me

who has just logged in. But, I can not figure a way to let me know who has just logged

out. The logged in is easy because it will the last user in the list. Logging out is a little

more complicated because i need to probably compare arrays for differences, which is

where I am weak. Also, I need to keep the task manager opened, minimized, with the

user tab in focus for this to work (not the best of solutions).

I am looking to see if this is the best way to approach this and/or is there something

already out there that is available that I missed?


#Include <GuiListView.au3>

#include <Date.au3>


HotKeySet("+{ESC}", "Terminate")

WinSetState ( "Windows Task Manager", "Users", @SW_MINIMIZE )

while 1

$count1 = ControlListView ( "Windows Task Manager", "Users", 3002, "GetItemCount")



While not WinExists("Windows Task Manager", "Users")



$count2 = ControlListView ( "Windows Task Manager", "Users", 3002, "GetItemCount")

Until $count1 <> $count2


if $count1 > $count2 Then

MsgBox(4160,"Logout", "A user logged out at: " & _NowTime())


$user = ControlListView ( "Windows Task Manager", "Users", 3002, "GetText", $count2 - 1, 0)

MsgBox(4160,"New User", "The user " & $user & " logged in at: " & _NowTime())



Func Terminate()




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