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Looks like some confusion on your part just gave Jon some pocket-money :)

I know Valuater was doing this before... I thought he was doing it from the app itself, but I'm sure if you PM him he'll give you a hand with it. (You'll need to provide the transaction ID more than likely so he can confirm with Jon if he's still doing it this way)

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Thanks SmOke_N,

I donated because I wanted to. I was just hoping to be able to use V's script :)

I sent him a PM. Maybe he will help me out.

Just by chance you see this SmOke_N

do you think you can help me with this:


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Need a website: http://www.iconixmarketing.com

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I know Valuater was doing this before...

My imagination went a little loose after reading the description in Valuater's post and when I tried to connect

it with onestcoder words in this topic. Couldn't figure out anything about donating in the description though...

Oh well, I'll cut down on the green bottles.

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I'm getting the Please Register as a Developer error messege.

The program is designed to give you an access number as a developer...

That is emailed to me, then i see you have paid...

thats how it works for you ( except the end user cant be a dev )

you get an email when someone initiates the program, then one when they pay for your program..

and they get approvals automatically


( except for the "black list" which cannot have Automation )



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