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Alittle help required :/


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As im trying to learn some programming, i figured why not try to make a pokerbot working :)

I downloaded the PartyPoker bot, discussed in another topic on the forum, ( http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...p;hl=PartyPoker )

But i cant even get that to work :D

First of all, the script is supposed to just be in tray, and not as a window?

And second, im reading in the script, to see if i can see any errors (yes, i used the AutoIt window info thingie and got the location of the "lights") but i cant get the window-names to be identical.

In the script its written

Global $tablename = "Play money 4015100"

But the window is (according to WindowIt) called

Play money 4015100 - Good Luck <nickname> Hold'em- (5/10) and some more, is that right?

Does it exist a "wildcard" like * or something so if i write

Global $tablename = "Play money *"

it'll find the only window starting with "Play money"?

The script does not generate any errors, its just in tray, not doing or saying anything.

Im sure you guys are tired of newbies in this forum, but if you like, i would apriciate any help i get.

Sorry for my bad English.


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