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making it run

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Dim $Loop = 0
    $PixelSearch    =   PixelSearch($tlx, $ty, $kx, $by, "0xXdXdXd")
    If Not $PixelSearch = 1 Then
        Send ("{NUMPAD9}")
Until $Loop = 1;loop may not be 1, otherwise this loop will exit

i want to make this script keep runing untill wen i want to stop it.any suggestion?

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It appears to me this is very much related to the other 6 topics you've created for the last 3 days, since you joined.

EDIT : Somewhat sudden ending for this post, so I'll make it clearer... why make another topic ? With 9 posts and

with 7 of them being the initial topic-posts, with topics all on the same subject, I would suggest you to be a little less

quicker on hitting that "New topic" button.

Edited by Helge

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