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GUICtrlSetOnEvent ControlID = -1

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I just made a form with Koda and was reviewing the code. I can not understand one thing. In my form I created an input box. My script is using OnEventMode but I dont understand how the event are being assigned

The Koda Generate code, which seems to work

$txtServer = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 96, 120, 345, 24)

GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "txtServerChange")

the autoit help file indicates the first parameter is a controlID

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( controlID, "function" )

So what I dont understand is how the (-1) Control Id attached to the correct control?

It seems all the Koda created controls call GUICtrlSetOnEvent with -1

Also it is possible to use multiple event on a single control, for example on a button can I capture the MouseOver Event as well as the Clicked Event?

Can someone explain how this is working or if -1 is a special default value?

Thanks in Advance

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- Control ID -1 is for last control

- for more events see GUIRegisterMsg()


Thanks for the quick reply, that code makes sense now.

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