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Hi there !!!

When i migrate a server (i.e win2k to win 2k3) , i have to copy the users profiles of all computers in a temporary directory, to disjoin the computer from the domain, re-join them in the new domain of the server, and copy back the profile in the new user profile created.

I want to autoit this process !!! :)

Any suggestion to help me?

Or any script already do it ?

Thanks for your help !!!!

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look for some USMT wrappers and learn how to use USMT, its the wheel for what you want, don't re-invent.

Hi !

Thanks for your reply...

In fact i know USMT .. But this is very ugly to use !!!

I just a simple manner to copy the content of a user profile (ie in document and settings\user\*.*) with hidden files, to copy them in a new folder, disjoin the computer, rejoint it to the new domain and reinject the file when i log the new user.... i made it by hand and it works but it's very,verryy tiring.... (imagine with 10-15 computers...)

And i'm searching for a simple way to auto-it....

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Hey there!

I just saw some keywords on your issues and I think I'm attempting the same thing on my end as well but, I'm totally new to scripting, programming, and most languages all together. I work in an IT department as a trainee working on deploying many new machines to users in the company and I was trying to come up with, on my own, a way to create an executable that will access the migwiz.exe from their old machine, automate the export process for the shortcuts, settings, and profile and eventually run an opposing script on their new machines to perform the automated import. I have researched USMT and other such migration tools but the satisfaction of creating your own script is much greater.

Could I get some advice on basic functions of autoit? An example of the code typed to run a program such as migwiz.exe? The code on automating a mouse click/keystroke to advance a wizard? How to start a new script in general?! lol

Thank you very much for you patience in reading this!

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