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Enabler 3.0

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This is AutoIt port of one of my programs written in Delphi a long time ago...


Enabler 1.0 - just a window with a textbox, and two checkboxes - enable/disable and show/hide. In the textbox you type the HWND of some window, and use the checkboxes to manipulate it. This program was one of my FIRST!

Enabler 2.0 - the same as 1.0, but the you can use crosshair to find the wanted window (which is highlighted when the mouse is over it).

You can enable/disable, show/hide, repaint or close the selected window.

You can view its child windows and manipulate them too. A few bugs are present...

Unfortunately, i lost the source code long time ago... :D But here is the exe: Enabler.exe

Enabler 3.0 - a little bit crude in comparison with 2.0, but it was just an experiment...

The source:

Update 2007-JAN-29: enabler.au3

- added "Keep on top" option

- added "Text inside window" textbox, which shows the text of the window retrieved with WinGetText

- some other minor changes...

Now, let me explain why it is called "Enabler" - because I used it to ENABLE some disabled windows in shareware programs... (instead of cracking them and use them illegal, I just enable some button).

This trick has worked for me many times...

And when I started learning AutoIt scripting, I found that Enabler can be helpfull for AutoIt scripts too :)

This is my second AutoIt script.

And, I know, some things can be done better...

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Some instructions on how to use:

Click on the "+" button to enter the search mode. In this mode you can see the hWnd,class,caption,PID of the calling process, executable name of the parent process, and the child windows of the window (or gui control) that is under the mouse cursor.

To exit "search mode" press {Esc}

If you click item in the listbox, Enabler will show you info for that window, and list its childs in the listbox.

To go to the parent of the selected window click "^" button.

You can also type the window hWnd directly in the Input box, and Enabler will try to find that hWnd.

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1. Open a program with a disabled button it.

2. Run the enabler program

3. Click the + sign and drag it onto the program with the disabled button

4. In enabler, you should see a list of controls

5. Right click the control you want to enable and click ENABLE

----[ SandyD ]---

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Thanks for the info.

How do you enable a disabled button ?

Not clear to me yet.



I guess that sandyd is talking for v2.0. In 3.0 - it's almost the same, but find the window you want to enable either by clicking "+", pointing it with the cursor, and then pressing {Esc}, or if for some reason the window is hidden or something - find its parent (again by using "+"), then search the list of childs for this window, Left click on the list item, and then finally check the "Enable" checkbox.

wOw that was a looooong sentence:)

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This is awesome! Do you have an option to always keep the window on top?

I have just addes "Keep on top" option, and changed some other things in the script. Look in the first post.

I must note something: the I get the "Text" property of the windows with the Win32 API function GetWindowText, and not with the internal autoit func WinGetText. GetWindowText retrieves only the text of the selected hWnd (and uses WM_GETTEXT to do that). So, if you want to view the text that is inside the window (the text of all its childs) you can do it in the "Text inside window" TabSheet that I added. It uses WinGetText to retrieve it.

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The original is AWESOME!

With a little work the AU3 version will be the same

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