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Regwrite (default)

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Well here I go. I am trying to make a script that alters the default recycle bin Icon. The problem is that, whenever I try to overwrite the (default) string value, I end up with 2 (default) string values. Can anybody please help?

Script: It may be a bit messy...

If MsgBox(4,"Program Information","This program will change the default Recycle Bin icon. Continue?")=7 Then



$empty = FileOpenDialog("Please select the 'Empty' Icon", "", "Icons (*.ico)", 1 + 4 )



$full = FileOpenDialog("Please select the 'Full'Icon","","Icons(*.ico)", 1 + 4)


MsgBox(0,"Completed","Completed Changing")

If @error Then

MsgBox(0,"No selection","No selection was made")




So can anyone please help?

P.s Normally the registry key names are all on the same line.

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