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cant click a GUICtrlCreatePic with a GUICtrlCreatePic background

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When you have a

GUICtrlCreatePic("bk2.bmp" , 0, 0, 550, $height, 0x0400)


For a background how would you make a button with

GUICtrlCreatePic that would let you click it

global $exith = GUICtrlCreatePic("exit.bmp" , 534, 0, 16, 27, 0x07000208)

GUICtrlSetOnEvent( $exith, "exitapp" )

I have used varius styles and ex styles to see if i can get it working without any luck searching hasnt helped alot ither is this posable?

To use a pic button with a pic background? using the active window info i can tell the button is there

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