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Make double-click triple-click

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G'day everyone

I recently got my first laptop, and it's great, but one thing that bothers me, is that tapping my finger on the mouse pad produces a single mouseclick event. I can disable tapping... but if I do, it also deactivates certain other useful features (such as zoned tapping, and smart drag and drop).

So my solution is to let the computer ignore all single clicks, treat a double click as a single click, and treat a triple click as a double click. Then I can have tapping enabled without worrying that a single tap on the mouse pad may be misinterpreted.

For this, I would firstly need to detect a single mouse click. Any idea how it is done?

Another thing that bothers me is that the mouse pad doesn't seem to cover the entire screen. If I put the mouse cursor on the bottom left corner of the screen, and I make a sliding movement on the mouse pad from bottom left to top right, the mouse cursor only travels about halfway up the screen towards the top right corner. This means I have to lift my finger several times (that's like lifting up the mouse because your mouse mat is too small -- annoying).

So, I'd like to speed up the mouse. The laptop's internal mouse speed setting doesn't seem to affect the distance travelled by the mouse cursor (weird, hey). For every X pixels travelled by finger, the mouse should move X+Y% distance (in my case, if the cursor moves about twice as far, that would be excellent).

I suspect I'd be using similar code for this that for the previously mentioned problem, namely I have to detect the mouse movement, but only when it moves (not all the time).

Can anyone give me some pointers?



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lets see,

#include <Misc.au3>

for your mouseclick problem

The below statement is False.The above statement is True.a lesson I learned from Greenmachine; give a man a code and he'll solve one problem. Teach a man to code and he'll solve all his problems.P.S please don't use autoIt as a virus creator/spyware maker(keyLogger especially)Cick this and help me[center]My Scripts:[/center][center]Port Scanner[/center]

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