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I'm sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere but I can't find it.

When I press Alt+F5 to test my scripts, it can't find the "au3check.exe"

You can see in the line below that it is looking in the beta file (which does not exist on my machine)

! *** AU3CHECK Error: *** Skipping AU3Check: C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\BETA\au3check.exe Not Found !

(I made the word beta in all caps to make my post easier to understand.)

I have never installed a beta of either program (AutoIt or SciTe) on this machine, only:



SciTE4AutoIt3 ( Version 1.72 Jan 15 2007 21:43:31)

from this download page. -----> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.php

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